The Agile offices exist in a cycling mecca, and our experience in working with cycling athletes continues to grow. We work with a lot of cyclists ranging in ability from elite professional competitors to the occasional community rider.

Agile offers a comprehensive bike fitting program to thoroughly assess and treat injuries specific to cyclists. Our two hour assessment includes:

  • Video capture of your bike fit
  • Analysis of cycling efficiency
  • Full-body physical screening examination to determine specific strength, flexibility or coordination impairments which could contribute to abnormal cycling mechanics and injury

We then use the assessment data to develop an individualized treatment plan to help correct both your bike fit and your body limitations:

  • fit adjustments on your existing bike to help optimize your position for comfort and performance
  • make recommendations for any additional equipment you may need to further optimize your fit
  • prescribe a home exercise program to address physical limitations that are contributing to the issues you are addressing

Our mission is to improve your movement efficiency and comfort on the bike, all the while preventing you from those nagging injuries that can derail your riding.

Contact us to schedule a Bike Fit with Todd Norwood, our resident expert