Project Description

Sheila Kamp

Sheila earned her Diploma of the College of Occupational Therapists from the Welsh School of Occupational Therapy at the University Hospital of Wales in the U.K.
She began her career at the National Spinal Cord Injuries Center in England before emigrating to the USA and working in numerous rehabilitation settings in Cincinnati, Ohio. She became a Specialized Therapist in Spinal Cord Injury and was a fundamental team member in setting up a Spinal Cord Injury Program.
After moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1992 she began working in Hand Therapy part time while continuing to work in general OT hospital rehab, acute care, and skilled nursing.
On moving to San Jose, California she had the opportunity to work along side a Certified Hand Therapist full time and decided to seek certification herself which she achieved in 1999.
She was Director of a Hand Therapy Program for 17 years before joining Agile Physical Therapy.
In her spare time, she tries to keep up with her kids and their many activities as well as enjoying singing, trying to get better at playing the ukulele and taking long walks with the dog



Education and Certifications

  • OTR/L – Occupational Therapist, Registered and Licensed in Advanced Practice for Hand Therapy and Physical Agent Modalities
  • CHT – Certified Hand Therapist