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How Telehealth Physical Therapy Works

How Telehealth Physical Therapy Works

Whether you’ve had an acute injury or need post-surgical rehabilitation, physical therapy is a necessity to regain strength and movement throughout the body. With virtual visits by Agile, physical therapy is more accessible than ever. Get connected with a physical therapist on your smartphone or computer for quality, patient-centered care from anywhere. 

As we all practice safe social distancing, remote care remains the best option for many PT patients. Comprehensive physical therapy evaluations are only a few steps away with Agile. Home to the industry’s best physical therapists, Agile is fully equipped for virtual visits, which include treating acute and chronic injuries, post-surgical monitoring and rehabilitation, and wellness/preventative services to avoid hospitalizations. 

You don’t need a prescription for physical therapy, and now you don’t need to leave your house either. Every telehealth visit with Agile begins with a comprehensive evaluation. Our board-certified physical therapists take the time to understand your unique needs and specific condition so that they can craft a personalized treatment plan designed around you. When you participate in a remote visit with Agile, you receive the same level of quality care that you would get from an in-person appointment. 

During your visit, your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation of your strength, range of motion and a functional analysis of the injured region on live, two-way video. Together, you will develop a comprehensive treatment program to address your needs.

Treatments will include exercises and stretches that can be completed at home under advisement of your physical therapist. Your physical therapist will walk you through your treatment plan, addressing any and all concerns. Follow-up virtual visits will be scheduled accordingly to monitor your progress. 

Signing up for Agile’s telemedicine service is easy! Fill out a contact form on our website, and we will reach out to you shortly to collect all the necessary information. We will send you electronic forms to fill out in your email, and you’ll receive an email link to connect with your physical therapist! Agile’s telehealth app is compatible with Apples, Androids and computers/laptops. 

Never miss out on the opportunity for quality care. Virtual visits by Agile make it easier than ever to connect to physical therapists when you need them most. Click the link to get started today!

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