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Sports Injuries We Treat in Los Angeles

Sports Physical Therapy Process

Every sports injury is different and deserves an individualized approach to recovery. This is the general process but could look different depending on you and your injury.

  • Your PT will want to get to know you! They will ask for a detailed medical history including your future goals
  • They will then look at how you move, your strength / power , your range of motion , and numerous other factors to formulate a shared plan of care
  • They will share their findings and collaborate with you to make a plan that's directed toward your goals
  • As you progress in therapy, your physical therapist will coach you in how hard to push by prescribing an individualized exercise program
  • Using graded functional measures and prevention screens, your physical therapist and surgeon will guide you to safely return to your sport.

Additional Physical Therapy Services

We treat a variety of conditions at Agile Physical Therapy in Los Angeles. Learn more about our excellent care and different physical therapy services!


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