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How to Do A Kegel

How to Do A Kegel

Time Needed : 3 minutes

If you don’t feel confident about Kegels exercises, you’re not alone! Learn how to do a Kegel exercises in 3 minutes!

  1. FIRST, Gain Awareness of your Pelvic Floor Muscles

    For female anatomy: “stop yourself from passing gas” or “pick up a tissue with your vagina”
    For male anatomy, “shorten the penis” and “stop yourself from passing gas” 

    Are Kegel exercises safe to do in pregnancy?

  2. Check If You're Doing Your Kegel Right

    Mirror/Phone Feedback:

    First way to see if you're doing it right is with a mirror or phone. On your phone, use video mode to see in real time what is happening. You should see the perineal body (the area between the vagina and anus) move away from the mirror with a contraction. If you have a penis, you should see it “shorten” at the base.

    Finger Check:
    The second way is with your finger. Insert your index finger or thumb into the vaginal or anal opening (use lubricant). You should feel both a squeeze and a lift up towards your head.

    With either way, see if you feel a squeeze and then a lift.
    Do they happen in that order, or out of sequence?
    Is either motion weak or absent?
    What happens when you initiate your contraction on an exhalation, inhalation, or hold your breath? 

    I heard that Kegel exercises can make your pelvic floor muscles too tight. Is that true?

  3. Kegel Kegel Kegel

    Practice practice practice…..At a red light, brushing your teeth, to the beat of the song on your radio. Practice makes progress and will help your brain become more aware of those invisible but important muscles!

  4. Design Your Kegel Exercise Program

    A Kegel exercise program should consist of endurance contractions and fast contractions. Your program should also be specific to your ability. Check our post on how to design a kegel program specific to YOU!

Not sure if you're getting it? Make an appointment with our pelvic floor physical therapist TODAY to get the guidance and support you need!We offer in-person or telehealth appointments!
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