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Bike Fit Assessment

What is Bike Fit Assessment?

To make cycling an enjoyable and sustainable activity, bike experts recommend a bike fit assessment and basic knowledge of how to operate it.

The health benefits of riding bikes include improved fitness, decreased body fat, and the prevention of chronic disease.  Our physical therapists are trained in bike fit assessment to optimize performance and experience. Additionally, they will assess and address acute aches and pains before they transition to longer term symptoms. Our physical therapists will advise you on choosing the right bike, common injuries to prevent, and tips to maximize your bike riding experience.

Common injuries in cyclists

According to research, the most common overuse injury is low back pain, followed by knee pain. Neck pain followed by knee pain is most common in recreational cyclists. While a bike fit assessment addresses and often eliminates these issues, a strengthening and mobility program off the bike is a great way to prevent and reduce pain. Our trained bike fit physical therapists will guide you through everything you need to know!

Whether you're a recreational or competitive cyclist, a bike fit assessment can help.

A bike fit assessment is especially important for optimal performance, movement efficiency, and comfort. Our highly trained physical therapists will perform an examination including both a bike position analysis and a physical assessment. This will allow your physical therapist to determine issues that may increase risk for injury or movement inefficiencies. This custom assessment will benefit both the elite and recreational cyclist. Recommendations for appropriate fit and equipment will be provided. In addition, your physical therapist will design a customized home exercise program for you based upon the findings of the physical exam and your individual goals.


At Agile Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine you are treated as a unique individual. We will work with you to achieve your goals. Learn why Agile is the best in the business.

Where you can get Bike Fit Assessment?

Who does Bike Fit Assessment at Agile?

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