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What is Powerlifting/Weightlifting?

The World Health Organization recommends, that regardless of age, medical condition, or pregnancy, resistance training should be partaken in 2 or more days per week for every major muscle group at a moderate intensity in conjunction with aerobic training as part of a way to improve function, and decrease detrimental effects associated with sedentary behavior.

Musculoskeletal strengthening alone has demonstrated to reduce risk of all-cause mortality by 21% (40% when combined with aerobic). It also decreases secondary effects of cancer treatment, and helps counteract harmful effects of inactivity, and metabolic diseases, all while promoting increased bone, muscle, tendon, and cartilage health. Not only is it safe, it is consistently associated with a decreased risk of injuries, and is extremely valuable in bolstering performance. In fact, injury rates are comparable, if not less, in many cases when comparing participation in weight training with common sports such as running, soccer, and American Football.

Implementation of the powerlifts, olympic lifts, and coaching with an individual well versed in weight training principles can help promote recovery from injury, encourage healthier living, and complement an individual’s daily routine to help them maximize the best versions of themselves!

Where you can get Powerlifting/Weightlifting ?

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Who does Powerlifting/Weightlifting at Agile?

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