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Weightlifting Physical Therapy

What is Weightlifting Physical Therapy?

Are you injured and want to get back to top performance? Weightlifting is the answer!

Our trained sports specialists at Agile Physical Therapy are here to push you appropriate to first recover from your injury. Secondly, our sports medicine team will help you build the muscle and power that you need to excel in your sport. Weightlifting promotes increased bone, muscle, tendon, and cartilage health so you can do the things you love, longer and better. Not only is weightlifting safe, but will decrease your risk of injury, and bolster your performance.

In addition to the joint health weightlifting provides, you'll improve your day-to-day function and decrease your chances of chronic disease, disability, and early death. This is why the World Health Organization recommends that individuals should weightlift 2 or more days per week.

You don't have to be an athlete to gain the benefits of weightlifting. 

Have you noticed that carrying groceries are heavy or your weekend pickleball is tiring? Come meet one of our sports specialists to design a program for you. They will ask you questions about your goals and design a program specifically for you. It may include weightlifting or powerlifting depending on your needs. You don't have to play a sport to receive the benefits of weightlifing or powerlifting. The widespread effects of getting stronger will make carrying your 2-year old lighter, hanging that frame easier, and family hikes more enjoyable.

Weightlifting, powerlifting, olympic lifts, and coaching with a sports specialist can help promote recovery from injury, encourage healthier living, and boost sports performance!

At Agile Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine your goals are our goals. Our empathetic and caring therapists are here to push you to new heights. Learn why Agile is the best in the business.
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