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Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Speed & Agility Training

Agile's Speed & Performance Team gets your team more field time and less sideline by improving performance and reducing risk of injury. We work with you to find out your specific team needs and then design personalized performance training based off of pre-testing assessments.

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  • Individual TESTING ONLY

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Maddie Tight Physical Therapist
Maddie Tight
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Meghan Woodman
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Melissa Moeller
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Chasey Zulueta

About Agile's Sports & Performance Team

Our coaches are experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning Coaches with years of rehabilitating athletes from injury and training them back to performance. From high school sports to Olympic athletes, this team has worked with a variety of sports and athletes to optimize their performance. Passionate about athletes, this team can't wait to collaborate with you to find your team's deficits and enhance them to make you stronger, faster, and more agile. They will design an individualized program, specific to your team and sport that will put you above your competitors.

Team Sport Performance Program

  • Personalized performance testing for the team or entire sports club.
  • Following performance testing each participant will be prescribed with specific exercises and drills to perform to improve their performance and reduce any strength asymmetries.
  • Following testing, team training 2x/week x8 weeks is available to take athletes through focused exercises and drills to improve movement efficiency, speed and power specific for the demands of their sport.
  • Retesting after the training program is performed to track improvement.
  • All testing is performed and analyzed by one of our specialized physical therapists.

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Sports Agility
Sports Performance Team

Sample Program

  • Initial testing of all individuals for performance metrics and movement analysis (> 1 hour)
  • Practice and game warm up design for increased muscle power and decrease injury risk
  • On field: 20-30 min supervision of drills based on testing results
  • Neuromuscular strength and power training continued for desired length, ideally > 3 months to maximize results
  • Retesting and updates recommendations

Pricing depends on your team size and specific needs!



Agile will come to you! We will meet you at your practice fields, or wherever is most convenient for the team. If individual, we recommend coming to our state of the art gym at our Palo Alto headquarters. 

How long does the program last?

All programs can be tailored to the team and or individual athlete. Research shows muscle mass takes 6+ weeks to increase thus we recommended our testing and retesting to be at least 6 weeks apart. We want to help you reach your goals and will be with you for as long as it takes to do so.

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