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Pelvic Pain Relief

What is Pelvic Pain Relief?

Pelvic pain is an all-encompassing term that refers to a variety of conditions including:

These conditions can be extremely life-altering  and impact all your daily activities. Pelvic floor physical therapists are thoroughly trained in this area to address your complaints with sensitivity, competence, and caring. Make an appointment with our highly skilled pelvic floor physical therapists today!

What Is A Pelvic Floor?

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments make up your pelvic floor that help:

  • Support your pelvic organs against gravity
  • Stabilize your core due to their muscular attachments to your hips and pelvis
  • Sexually achieve penetration and orgasm
  • Sphincterically, they allow for muscle contraction to avoid urinary leakage and also
    relax to allow for a bowel movement
  • Sump-pump , functions help to avoid swelling and pelvic congestion due to their close
    approximation with the pelvic lymph nodes

How Can Pelvic Physical Therapy Help?

Your pelvic floor physical therapist will do an extensive history and physical examination, asking
you your limitations, goals, and medical history. In addition, they will investigate the strength of
your pelvic floor
and surrounding musculature, range of motion, scar tissue, and a host of
other factors to create a shared plan of care.

Treatment can consist of soft tissue massage, education , myofascial release, strengthening
exercises, stretching/relaxation exercises, biofeedback , and electrical stimulation . Our trained
and empathetic pelvic floor physical therapists have specialized training to treat pregnant
individuals and will prescribe appropriate exercises for your stage of pregnancy.

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Your Pelvic Pain Or Dysfunction?

At Agile, we take a multifactorial approach to pain management. Shared decision making and
evidence-based medicine are the pillars of our treatments. We get you active as soon as
possible within the limitations of your injury. There are exercises you can do TODAY to help
decrease your current pelvic pain. Make an appointment with an Agile physical therapist

Where you can get Pelvic Pain Relief ?

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