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Dance Medicine

What is Dance Medicine?

Dance Medicine is a specialized area of physical therapy to treat the unique challenges dancing presents. Our physical therapists have specialized dance training to help you prevent injury, rehabilitate an injury, or boost your performance. Dancers put themselves through rigorous training to move their bodies through extreme flexibility with grace and elegance. If training is pushed too far or too fast, the dancers can create compensatory movements that could result in injury or compromise their longevity on the stage. Our dancing specialists aim to promote dancers’ health, well-being, and quality of life.

How can physical therapy help my dance injury?

Dance medicine physical therapists specialize in dance and have the experience and expertise to create customized exercise programs for dancers. Through their keen evaluation skills and dance knowledge, their goal is to treat and guide their dancers through injury prevention and performances. Their goal isn’t to just return their dancers to their prior level, but to improve their physical potential. Whether for an injury, pain or limitation with dance movements or injury prevention, all dancers of varying ages and levels can benefit from a physical therapy assessment. 

What should I expect at my dance medicine physical therapy visit?

Firstly, your dance specialist will talk with your about your medical history, your current dancing lifestyle, and your future goals. Secondly, your physical therapist will watch how you move and test your strength and mobility. They may ask you to perform difficult or painful dance movements so they can assess your form. You never have to do something you don't want to do. We respect your preferences. Lastly, your physical therapist will discuss their findings and their ideas for a personalized plan of care. This plan of care usually involves exercise, education, and movement modifications. They will make sure to email you videos of the exercise program so you can do it at home. We want you to leave Agile feeling confident and knowledgable about your injury.

At Agile Physical Therapy we collaborate with you to achieve your goals. We listen, empathize, and care. Learn why Agile is the best in the business.

Where you can get Dance Medicine?

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