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Chad Cook

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On average, it takes 17 years for research to disseminate into clinical practice. You read that correctly. 17 years. Agile is committed to reducing that timeline for its therapists. This means that as a company we prioritize the education of our staff to ensure they are providing the most evidence-based and up-to-date care. It means that many of our staff are faculty or adjunct-faculty at the university, residency, and fellowship level. Finally, it means that we work hard to create a company culture that values career-long learning. Providing Los Angeles with quality physical therapy continuing education courses is imperative to the health of our community.

Agile knows that an up-to-date clinician provides better and more efficient care for patients. That’s why we offer physical therapy continuing education courses in Los Angeles. Here are some examples of how we foster an environment of learning and education with our PT CEU:

  • Substantial continuing education budget for our therapists, who are encouraged to attend courses across the country.
  • High attendance and participation by our staff in Los Angeles and national physical therapy conferences.
  • Hosting of Journal Clubs, where therapists can share, discuss, and critique new research in the physical therapy field.
  • Frequently sponsoring internationally renowned researchers and clinicians to lecture and teach our staff.
  • Company-wide distribution of a bi-monthly newsletter which discusses emerging evidence and best practice.
  • Hosting our own physical therapy continuing education courses in the Bay Area, where our therapists instruct both students and community therapists in a variety of Orthopaedic topics.
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Ortho Seminar Series

The program utilizes several methods of instruction. The fellow will attend modules at the University of Southern California for didactic and laboratory instruction. A clinical faculty member provides accompanying lab instructions throughout the course of the fellowship. The fellow will receive further didactic study though independent study courses via an online platform. In addition to the various forms of didactic and laboratory education, the fellow will also receive direct supervision during patient care hours and interactions with a clinical faculty member.

2022 SCHEDULE: Sign up for the entire bundle or individual courses!

Module #1 Lumbar & Pelvis: September 23-25 – Noom Sirimaturos/Ed Schiavone

Module #2 Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot: October 7-9 – Andrew Fung/Jen-Hao Chen

Module #3 Cervical, Cranial: November 18-20 – Noom Sirimaturos/Ed Schiavone

Module #4 Shoulder and Thorax: December 16-18 – Andrew Fung/Mike Nelson

Module #5 Elbow, Wrist, Hand: January 27-29 – Jen-Hao Chen/Bob White

Continuing Education Lead
Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson, PT, DPT

Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

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