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Hip and Knee Pain Relief

What is Hip and Knee Pain Relief?

Is going downstairs painful? Does your knee buckle without warning? Do you have sharp pain from running or doing athletic activities? 

Stop wasting time googling your symptoms and taking pain medication. Get back to what you love doing with our highly trained physical therapists. They will work with you to accurately diagnose your condition and give you individualized exercises to reduce pain and improve your function. Make an appointment with our trained physical therapists today!

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Your Hip & Knee Pain?

In our assessment, our empathetic clinicians will ask you questions about your symptoms and goals. We’ll review any materials sent by your doctor (MD notes, X-rays, MRIs etc.,) and incorporate them into your care. In addition, they will look at how you move, your strength, your range of motion, and numerous other factors to formulate a shared plan of care. Treatment can include soft tissue massage, education, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, strengthening exercises, stretching, and electrical stimulation.

How Does Exercise Help?

Your physical therapist will give you home exercises to enhance strength and decrease pain while reducing your future risk of injury! Research supports that building strength in your hips and core can help relieve symptoms of knee pain better than just building up your knee muscles. Muscle strains, sprains, dislocations, tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis, cartilage injuries, patellofemoral pain syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome (IT Band Syndrome) and labral tears are all possible sources of your pain. 

Where Does Hip & Knee Pain Come From?

Knee and hip pain often stem from muscular weakness that does not have the capacity for the load. Our therapists recognize the importance of the kinetic chain (one body part affecting another) and will work with you to make sure you’re strengthening all the muscles related to your condition. Avoid medication and painful surgeries and see one of our highly skilled physical therapists today! 

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Your Hip and Knee Pain?

At Agile, we take a multifactorial approach to pain management. Shared decision making and evidence-based medicine are the pillars of our treatments. We get you active as soon as possible within the limitations of your injury. There are exercises you can do TODAY to help decrease your current knee pain. Make an appointment with an Agile physical therapist today!

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