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Physical Therapy Clinic in San Mateo

Physical Therapy Clinic in San Mateo

801 N San Mateo Dr.
San Mateo, CA 94401

Who is Agile Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine – San Mateo Physical Therapy Specialists

Agile Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is excited to open our newly renovated physical therapy center located within 5 minutes of downtown Burlingame. Agile acquired the original San Mateo clinic in 2018 from ABA Physical Therapy Associates to provide the San Mateo community with exceptional physical therapy services. We provide specialized concussion care out of this facility.

San Mateo physical therapy services we offer:

What to expect with Agile Physical Therapy – San Mateo!

Firstly, you are a unique individual at Agile Physical Therapy. You will be treated with care, empathy, and collaboration to create a personalized treatment plan. Secondly, we hold ourselves to high standards that include:

    • Elite concussion evaluation and treatment
    • Individual treatment plans that include exercise, manual therapy, and education
    • Communication with any other practitioner in your recovery journey
    • One full hour, one-on-one with your physical therapist at every appointment, no aides or assistants
    • Brand new high-tech equipment
    • Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy
    • Open gym space
    • Private treatment rooms

Pelvic Floor Therapy in San Mateo

In San Mateo, we provide pelvic floor services and care for individuals experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. These services address a range of issues such as urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.

With highly trained and knowledgeable professionals who understand the complexities of pelvic floor anatomy and function, residents of San Mateo can access tailored exercise and treatment plans to improve their pelvic floor muscles and overall well-being.

Whether through in-person sessions or telehealth appointments, we prioritize patient comfort and effective outcomes.

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Want Physical Therapy Services From Anywhere? Use Telehealth!

Agile San Mateo also provides telehealth sessions and virtual exercise classes, making it easy to stay active anywhere! Our HIPAA-compliant video platform allows the patient to logon to their physical therapy appointment from anywhere. Our warm and approachable physical therapists are certified in telehealth and know how to appropriately evaluate and treat your injury through video. They work with you to create a treatment plan that is individualized to your specific needs and goals. If you need concussion evaluation but can't drive, telehealth is a great option! Just make sure to ask for this facility specifically.

Common conditions we treat at Agile Physical Therapy in San Mateo (include but not limited to):

  • Concussion evaluation and treatment
  • Back pain and sciatica 
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pelvic Floor Conditions
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Muscle, myofascial and joint pain
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Pre and post-operative surgical conditions
  • Recovery and reconditioning
  • Hip / knee pain
  • Foot / ankle pain
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Weakness or loss of motion
  • Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ / TMD)
Visit our FAQ page to learn more about what to expect at your first appointment at the top physical therapy clinic in San Mateo.

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