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Sciatica and Back Pain Relief

What is Sciatica and Back Pain Relief?

According to the CDC, 25% of US adults report having low back pain in the last 3 months. Additionally, it is the 6th most costly condition in the US and costs soar above $12 billion dollars to treat it. Sciatica and back pain has been the leading cause of years lived with disability since 1990! It is clear through decades of literature that sciatica and back pain is a HUGE problem and Dr. Google can only get you so far. Make an appointment with an Agile physical therapist and let us help!

What Is Back Pain?

Sciatica and back pain are complicated and multifactorial to diagnose and treat. Causes may vary and be in combination with repetitive strains, lack of the enough core strength, and/or workplace stress and posturing. Back pain and sciatica are different diagnoses who deserve separate, thoughtful treatment approaches. While both may present with pain radiating down the buttock and leg, the origin is different. Low back pain may also present with a dull, aching pain that may cause difficulty with prolonged standing or walking. Sciatica may present with “shooting”, “stinging”, or “burning” sensation in your back, buttocks, or down your entire leg into your foot. It takes a skilled physical therapist to differentiate not only these diagnoses, but also a myriad of other conditions. They conditions include herniated discs, arthritis, nerve entrapment, and degenerative disc disease.

Back pain and sciatica

How Can Physical Therapy Help With Sciatic and Back Pain?

Instead of aimlessly searching online with your symptoms, see one of our caring physical therapists who can listen to what is important to you, what you’re feeling, and how it's affecting your life. They will ask you questions about your pain, lifestyle, and activities to help differentiate diagnoses—something not easily done online. In addition, they will look at how you move, your strength, and numerous other factors to formulate shared goals and treatment plans for your sciatic and back pain. Treatment highly depends on the issues identified in the evaluation, but can consist of soft tissue massage, education, myofascial release, strengthening exercises, stretching exercises, and electrical stimulation.

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Sciatic and Back Pain?

At Agile, we take a multifactorial approach to pain management. Shared decision making and evidenced based medicine are the pillars of our treatments. We try to get you active as soon as possible within the limitations of your injury and rarely rely on passive treatments. There are evidenced-based exercises you can do TODAY to help decrease your current sciatic and back pain. Make an appointment with our trained physical therapists today so you can get back to what you love doing!

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