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Concussion Rehabilitation

What is Concussion Rehabilitation?

Concussions are increasing in our world for the last decade. They are often associated with athletics but can occur anywhere; life can be a contact sport! Not to fear, most concussion symptoms resolve within 14 days. If you suspect you or someone you know has a concussion, Agile is here to help!

The best offense is a good defense! Nothing can make you bulletproof from concussions but you can decrease your chances by strengthening your neck muscles and those that support it. Neck muscles are the brakes for your head that slow down the force your head sustains during any impact. You don't need a lot of equipment to start, just a personalized exercise program from one of our highly trained physical therapists.

What should I expect from my physical therapy appointment?

  • A detailed health and injury histories
  • Discuss treatment goals
  • Perform a comprehensive clinical exam
  • Implement individualized treatment plans
  • If needed, provide referrals to other specialists based on clinical examination findings, which may include:
    • Neurologist, Neuro-optometrist, Cognitive Psychologist, etc.
  • Communicate with patients, as well as involved healthcare providers, families, schools, etc. regarding treatment plan

What will my concussion program look like?

  • We will first perform a physical therapy concussion examination, which may include:

    • Cognitive screen
    • Neck and head exam
    • Head-eye-neck coordination exam
    • Balance and walking assessment
    • Heart assessment, including concussion treadmill testing
    • Return to sport testing
  • We will develop an individualized concussion rehabilitation program, which may include:

    • Cervical spine treatment
    • Visual and vestibular treatment
    • Head-eye-neck coordination exercises
    • Balance exercises
    • Dual task activities
    • Graded aerobic program
    • Sport or work-specific training

For those patients suffering from neck or back pain after their concussion, any of the Agile staff is able to help you feel better sooner than later.  

At Agile Physical Therapy we don’t look at you as your injury, we see you for how your injury has affected your life. We will work with you to achieve your goals. Learn why Agile is the best in the business.

Where you can get Concussion Rehabilitation?

Who does Concussion Rehabilitation at Agile?

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