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Meet Our Running Physical Therapy Team

Our Running & Sports Medicine team comprises high-level athletes including collegiate track & field, field hockey, and soccer players, as well as an Ironman athlete and trail ultrarunner. At one point, we all have been told to stop running, and it is our goal to either keep you from hearing those words or help guide you toward achieving your running goals. Check out any of our bios for more information on our specific interests.

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Maddie Tight Physical Therapist
Maddie Tight
Danielle Conway Littlehale
Danielle Conway Littlehale
Jamie Yang
Sydney Butler-Terry
Sydney Butler-Terry
Katie Monaghan
Katie Monaghan
Megan Faucher
Megan Faucher

Running Gait Analysis in Palo Alto, CA

Each of our running specialists are up to date with the latest research and has been trained by the experts in running gait analysis. Schedule an appointment with any one of the above clinicians to get an in-depth analysis of you as a runner. We will assess the strength of the most important muscles involved in running, and compare how those are functioning as you hit the ground via video analysis. We are not here to interfere with your season or coach, but instead, offer another pair of skilled eyes to determine how you can optimize your running in addition to all the hard work you have already put into your training.

Running Assessments for Individuals and Teams in the Palo Alto Area

New in 2023, we are now offering both individual and team assessments for a comprehensive running analysis; no injury needed. Our team assessment is a quick screen of minimum recommended strength and range of motion for running, resulting in individualized recommendations for each runner. The individual program, titled “RunSafe,” also includes a foot dynamics and lower body strength assessment, full treadmill analysis, as well as a sports dietician consultation in order to best prepare you for your highest level of comprehensive fitness. We are here to maximize your athleticism, by reviewing any areas in need of improvement, and developing a specialized exercise program tailored to you. RunSafe was developed by Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Luke, from UCSF. Stanford’s Sports Medicine Department has also adapted this program, aiming to get as many healthy runners on the start line as possible. We are excited to join this cohort of skilled physicians and continue this trend.

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