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Right now, we are offering telehealth for Orthopaedic and Women’s Health issues.

Our highly trained telehealth clinicians can evaluate and assess your injury virtually! They can prescribe your exercises through our convenient, secure & HIPAA-compliant app to get you back to activity faster.

Telehealth can be used for:
  • Acute injuries such as spraining an ankle
  • Chronic injuries such as long term low back pain
  • If you’re unable to leave your house
  • Long wait lists for in person care
How does it work?
Sign up through our contact form.
After you sign up, you’ll be contacted by one of our friendly intake coordinators who collect some of your information and walk you through everything you need to connect!
Fill out the electronic forms sent to you by email.
You will receive an emailed link to connect from your physical therapist, simply click the link at the time of your scheduled appointment, enter your name and check in.

Who are the physical therapists?

A select few have been extensively trained in treating injuries virtually to get you the best, most effective care from your home or office!

Chris Reed


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Christin Tate


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What do real people have to say?

Being a new mom and only one month postpartum, I knew I couldn’t easily make a PT appointment in person. I’ve had such great experiences with Agile team in the past and was thrilled to learn about their telemedicine options. Christin was an amazing therapist and helped me diagnose and treat what several doctors were unable to do. Christin diagnosed me and came up with a treatment plan with exercises… I’m now back to normal and have Christin to thank! I highly highly recommend Agile’s telemedicine service, and Christin especially. Thank you!”

-Laura G

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance cover telehealth appointments?

In our experience, most health plans have covered these services however, every insurance company is different. We’re happy to check with your insurance prior to your appointment to make sure you’re covered.

Can I self-pay?

Yes. Please call our main line for rates at (650) 565-8090.

What if I’m not in California for the telehealth visit?

If you’re not located in California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine you cannot be seen by our telehealth providers, as this is where our telehealth providers are licensed.

What devices will work?

The app works on most iOS and Android smartphones and computers, just make sure it’s updated to the latest version.

How should I prepare for my telehealth visit?

  1. Make sure you're in a private space with some room to move around.
  2. Make sure all browsers are up to date and you have a strong internet connection.
  3. Wear clothes you can move around in (tight skirts or shirts can make it hard to get full motion).
  4. If using a phone, make sure to have something to prop it up against.

Do I need a prescription for my telehealth visit?

California state law allows patients to have direct access to physical therapists. What this means is that you can now receive physical therapy, even virtually, without a physician’s referral/prescription.

What if I can’t connect?

Please call Agile Main at (650) 565-8090.

Not sure if telehealth is right for you?

If our highly trained therapists think you need to see someone in person, the telehealth visit is free!

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