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Poor Posture Pain Relief

What is Poor Posture Pain Relief?

What is Poor Posture Pain Relief?

Neck and back pain are extremely common! For a long time, doctors, physical therapists, and your family members have told us that “fixing your posture” is the solution to this problem. In recent years, the terms “tech neck” and “text neck” are used to tell people that their neck pain is caused by looking down at their smartphones. While this phenomenon has not been supported by research, it’s enough to make people worried about their posture! However, even after years of trying to fix their posture, many people will still feel daily discomfort. 

Physical therapy has advanced past “fixing posture” to help with pain. At Agile, we’ll help you develop a plan that is more than just telling you to sit up straight! 

Does Poor Posture Cause Pain?

People are told that they have pain because they sit poorly at their desk all day. But what if it was the lack of variety and not the posture itself that was the issue? A lot of people spend their days only doing one thing with their posture – sitting and looking straight ahead or down. Even when you’re not working, you may relax with activities that create the same postures as your work! Our bodies crave variety, and having any single posture for the entire day is a recipe for feeling sore and achy. 

How Can Physical Therapy Help With Posture-related pain?

An Agile physical therapist can help you make your daily postures work better for you! Simple ergonomic adjustments make it easier and more comfortable to get work done. Implementing “movement snacks” and routines to shake up your posture throughout your day are essential parts of keeping your out of poor posture for long periods of time. Outside of your work day, your physical therapist can help you build and maintain an exercise routine. Getting both cardiovascular exercise and strength training into your week can make a huge difference in counteracting long days of sitting! Building whole-body strength and moving in a variety of postures can be powerful in keeping neck and back pain at bay. Finally, improving your sleep and building stress coping strategies is essential in helping you feel (and work!) your best. 

How Do I Get Perfect Posture?

While your mother may want you to stand straighter in family photos, there’s no such thing as “perfect posture.” The way that our bodies look is a reflection of how we routinely move. Our bodies adapt to our activities to make it easier to do them! It can be a problem, however, if you only have one posture in your day.

Even people with objectively “perfect” posture can have back pain if they never do anything else! 

Agile physical therapists help you move in new ways that tailor to your strengths and weaknesses. No matter your natural posture, it’s possible to feel and perform well! 

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Posture-related Pain?

At Agile, we understand that helping you address your pain is more than telling you to stand up straighter! We work with you to implement evidence-based strategies in your life, in the way that best reflects your goals. Our job is to get you moving and enjoying your life as soon as possible!. There are exercises you can do TODAY to help decrease your current pain. Make an appointment with an Agile physical therapist today!

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