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Why We Offer In-Home Physical Therapy

We now offer our one-on-one personalized home physical therapy Orthopedic & Sports care by our highly trained Los Angeles physical therapists. A physical therapist will drive to your home to collaborate with you about your past history, current injury, and future activity goals. This information will allow your physical therapist to design a personalized treatment plan just for you! Because your home exercise plan is specific to you, it's easier to stay engaged and motivated.

**Note: this service is not for home health scenarios**

Physical Therapy Services We Offer Remotely

In home physical therapy includes but is not limited to:

Concierge Physical Therapists to Make Life Easy

In home physical therapy allows the physical therapist to see your everyday environment. It will give them the chance to look at your work-from-home computer set-up or troubleshoot everyday difficult tasks. In addition, your physical therapist can use what is in your house to design a personalized exercise program. For example, using your stairs for quad strengthening or your kitchen door way for stretching. Being inside your home gives your physical therapist a unique and crucial view into your life that you otherwise wouldn't receive in a clinic. Furthermore, it saves you time from driving so you can have more time for the things you love doing.

Los Angeles Based Physical Therapists

Cathy Cahill

Chris Cimo

Joyce Shaw

Lexi Reed

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