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Get 1:1 Telehealth Mentoring from one of our Telehealth certified physical therapists in Orthopedics and Women's Health / Pelvic Health!

Transitioning from in-person patient care to virtual care can be intimidating. We get it because we did it. We’re here to help you make that transition to virtual care so you can give the highest quality care remotely. With quality care comes patients coming back to you over and over, building your business and your brand.

What is Telehealth Mentoring?

Agile prides itself on the highest quality care and has several in-house educational programs to prove it. We also made a telehealth training course in 2019 because we know telehealth is here to stay. We needed all our clinicians to be certified in telehealth training. Now we’re offering telehealth mentoring to any physical therapist that wants to sharpen their telehealth skills for the orthopedic and women’s health / pelvic health population.

1:1 Telehealth Mentoring Package
  • 1:1 Telehealth mentoring with a certified telehealth physical therapist. All mentoring PTs are also certified in orthopedics and have completed our manual therapy fellowship. They have also taught and mentored in our in-house educational programs
  • Trouble treating a specific body part virtually? 
    • Telehealth mentoring sessions are structured with whatever content you want to work on! We are experts at treating every part of the orthopedic and women’s health / pelvic health skillset. 
    • We can guide you through how to take a thorough subjective, ruling out sinister pathology or work through how to assess and treat a certain body part virtually. We could also discuss exercise prescription and progression or any combination thereof.
  • Sessions usually last between 60-75 minutes but we're not counting the clock. We just want you to get everything you need from the session no matter how long it takes. Session are all virtual using Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • The telehealth mentor will email resources / readings post-session that are appropriate for the feedback given.The mentor can create a syllabus for all the sessions if you want!  
  • Free access to our In-House Telehealth Training Course: Virtual Rehab: The Basics of Orthopedic Telehealth PT ($199 value). Eligible for CEUs in some states.
  • We're currently priced at $200/session and there's no commitment for how many you need to do.
  • We do not give advice or material on how to start a telehealth practice…billing, documentation, video platforms etc., However, some of this is discussed at a high level in the telehealth training course linked above.
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Let Us Know Your Preferences!

Click the Get Started button and let us know what exactly you’re looking for in a mentor (mentor with special certifications, time zone, focus areas, approximate number of sessions you’re thinking)

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