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Get CEU credits while learning what Telehealth is, how to effectively evaluate a patient remotely, and how to start your own Telehealth practice from home!

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Agile is a leader in telehealth services.

This course is globally designed for all PT specialties, with an emphasis on orthopaedics. Learn the necessary clinical reasoning and skills to treat patients virtually through our online learning platform!

Online Training With Agile Physical Therapy

Agile is a leading provider in Telehealth therapy services. We know that treating virtually is drastically different than in-person care. There is a therapist philosophy, examination, and treatment shift that needs to be learned to treat with confidence and success. Agile has outlined the exact tools, techniques, and knowledge to learn in order to treat virtually. Our easy-to-use Telehealth training platform gives therapists a simple, fast way to not only treat virtually, but also set up their own telehealth practice!

  • Telehealth can give you the flexibility to make your own schedule and work from the comfort of your home!
  • Learn how to successfully treat patients virtually.
  • Agile’s Telehealth training platform gives you the tools to effectively examine your patient’s injuries virtually and give appropriate stretches and exercises for faster return to activity and sport!
  • The course is self-paced and should take between 4-5 hours. You can log in and out as your schedule allows!
  • There is a multiple choice exam at the end of the course to test your learning. Once the exam is complete, you will receive a downloadable/printable certificate for .4 CEU credits (CA and TX only) once you've finished.

What does Online
Telehealth Training

Performing a Virtual Exam and Determining What Patients Are Appropriate for Telehealth

Learn how to perform an exam virtually, including how to manual muscle test, palpation, and range of motion! We’ll review, in detail, how and when to determine if someone needs to be seen in-person.

Virtual Special Tests

High quality videos will demonstrate how to perform a special test virtually!

Patient Exam Examples

Example videos of full exams between a patient and provider to give you an idea of what a video visit looks like!

Prepping For The Remotes Exam

We’ll review how to get your patients prepared for a remote exam and give you downloadable email templates you can use to send to your patients!

How to Choose the
Right Telehealth
Platform for Your

We’ll explain current Telehealth vocabulary and detail what to look for in Telehealth platform services to best suit your clinic or personal needs.

How to Bill for
Telehealth Services

Common billing practices are described to help you and your clinic get paid!

Practice Case

Case studies will help demonstrate what a clean, efficient, and thorough virtual exam looks like. There will also be interactive case studies to test your learning!

completion certificate

An exam is included to assess your learning and upon passing, can download a certificate to be used for CEU’s.

Downloadable Cheat

Bulleted summaries of important concepts are available for download throughout the course.

Online support

Have a question about the content or Telehealth in general? Each question will be personally and individually responded to by the instructor in a timely manner.

Who will be leading the course?

Christin Tate

Christin Tate


Christin received her undergraduate degree in kinesiology and psychology from Gordon College and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Springfield College, MA in 2013. Following completion of an orthopaedic residency and board certification, she completed a year long pelvic health residency and lymphedema certification training program. She became board certified in Pelvic Floor Therapy in 2018.

In the pursuit of her passionate interest in pain neuroscience and public health, she became one of the first physical therapists treating patients on a corporate Telehealth platform, and used this unique experience to champion a world-class telehealth program at Agile Physical Therapy in 2018 aimed at providing virtual physical therapy to patients across California.

And now, she’s made that knowledge available in this concise and thorough Telehealth Training program, designed to help aspiring physical therapists take control of their careers and help more people from anywhere in the world.

Course Curriculum

  1. Welcome
    • Chapter 1- How to Use this Course
    • Chapter 2- What is Telehealth Physical Therapy and Informed Consent.
  2. Patient Appropriateness
    • Chapter 3- Determining Patient Appropriateness for Telehealth
    • Chapter 4- Flags
    • Decatastrophizing Worksheet-Therapist Aid-2018
  3. Performing a Remote Patient Exam
    • Chapter 5- Structure of a Telehealth Exam
    • Chapter 6- Preparing for the Exam
    • Chapter 7- Keeping Patients Engaged
    • Telehealth Patient Template Email-Downloadable
    • Telehealth Exam Flow-Downloadable
  4. When to Consider an In-Person Follow Up
    • Chapter 8- When to Consider an In-Person Follow Up
    • Telehealth In-Person-Downloadable
  5. Treating Virtually
    • Chapter 9- The Power of the Subjective and Motivational Interviewing
    • Chapter 10- Manual Muscle Testing
    • Chapter 11- Range of Motion
    • Chapter 12- Palpation
    • Chapter 13- The Role of Manual Therapy
    • Chapter 14- Guiding Principles
    • Pain Workbook by Greg Lehman, BKin, MSc, DC, MScPT
    • The Fall of the Postural-Structural-Biomechanical Model by Dr. Eyal Lederman
  6. Special Tests for Telehealth
    • Chapter 15- Ankle
    • AnkleSpecialTests
    • Chapter 16- Cervical
    • CervicalSpecialTests
    • Chapter 17- Thoracic
    • ThoracicSpecialTests
    • Chapter 18- Hand/Wrist/Elbow
    • Hand,Wrist,ElbowSpecialTests
    • Chapter 19- Shoulder
    • ShoulderSpecialTests
    • Chapter 20- Knee
    • KneeSpecialTests
    • Chapter 21- Hip
    • HipSpecialTests
    • Chapter 22- Lumbar/Pelvic
    • Lumbar,PelvicSpecialTests
    • Telehealth UQ Special Test List-Downloadable
    • Telehealth LQ Special Test -Downloadable
    • CPRs & Clusters-Downloadable
  7. When is Imaging Indicated?
    • Chapter 23- Diagnostic Imaging Rules
  8. Telehealth Platforms…Which One To Choose?
    • Chapter 24- Telehealth Platforms
    • Chapter 25- Billing for Telehealth
    • Telehealth Platform Chart-Downloadable
  9. Case Studies
    • Telehealth Neck Subjective
    • Telehealth LQ Evaluation
    • Telehealth Finger Evalulation
    • Telehealth Lumbar Evaluation
    • Telehealth Pregnancy Lumbar Evaluation + HEP
  10. Exam

We also offer additional 1:1 trainings with our Telehealth experts at $200/hour

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