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5 Things You Didn’t Know Pelvic Physical Therapy Could Treat

5 Things You Didn’t Know Pelvic Physical Therapy Could Treat

You might think pelvic floor physical therapy is just for pregnant women dealing with pregnant or postpartum issues…but it's not. I’d love to share 5 things you didn't know pelvic physical therapy could treat and why it's 100% worth it! 

5 Things You Didn’t Know Pelvic Physical Therapy Could Treat

  1. Erectile dysfunction

      • Caught your attention, didn’t we? Pelvic floor exercises guided by a pelvic PT can be just as effective in improving erectile function as medication! 
  2. Urinary urgency and frequency Erectile-Dysfunction

      • Do you always know where the nearest bathroom is? Do you wake up multiple times per night or have to leave your meetings to avoid leaking? Pelvic PT can offer long term solutions for improving lifestyle, behavioral, and pelvic floor muscle contributors. Start living your life without worrying about your bladder!
  3. Deep hip and groin pain 

      • Number 3 of the 5 things you didn't know pelvic floor physical therapy could treat is deep hip and groin pain. Are you experiencing pain deep in the pelvis that you can’t quite put your finger on? Deeper muscular structures in the pelvis and hip can often contribute to hip and groin pain. A pelvic PT is the expert in assessing and treating these areas to help you stay active!
  4. Pain with sex

      • Sex is unfortunately a painful experience for many people of all ages and identities! A pelvic PT is an expert in diagnosing and treating this pain, so you can enjoy solo time or connection with a partner without worry. What-you-get-at-Agile-Annemarie-Everett
  5. Constipation

    • Coming in at number 5 of the things you didn't know pelvic physical therapy could treat: Chronic constipation. It is a leading risk factor for other pelvic floor issues, but it’s also just really unpleasant on its own! A pelvic PT can help you identify and address contributors to constipation. This includes pelvic floor muscle strength, coordination, and dietary and lifestyle factors.


Agile has the most talented pelvic floor physical therapists to treat the above conditions with the compassion and empathy these sensitive issues deserve. They will listen to your problems and address what's most affecting your quality of life. Our pelvic floor physical therapists will collaborate with you to achieve your goals. Don't let one of these conditions stop you from living life, make an appointment with a pelvic floor physical therapist so you can get back to the things you love doing.

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About the Author: Annemarie Everett, PT, DPT, WCS

Annemarie EverettAnnemarie received her doctorate in physical therapy from UC San Francisco/San Francisco State University, and a B.S. in Biology from UC San Diego. She holds Certificates of Achievement in Pelvic and Pre/Post-Partum Physical Therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association Academy of Pelvic Health. She has been a Board Certified Women’s Health Specialist since 2017.

Since graduate school, Annemarie has been passionate about making evidence-based and comprehensive care accessible and routine for pelvic health concerns, particularly for the perinatal and athlete populations. She is an avid indoor boulderer, and is excited to share her love of strength training and powerlifting with her clients–especially those who never pictured themselves lifting heavy weights! She is a co-founder of POPUp, an online educational and community platform for people with pelvic organ prolapse. She's driven to improve the standard of pelvic health education for both new providers and experienced clinicians and she works as a faculty member and mentor with the Agile Women's Health Residency Program.

A Bay Area native, Annemarie loves exploring the San Francisco dining scene and relaxing on foggy beaches with her dog.

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