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Injury Prevention

What is Injury Prevention?

Physical therapists are movement specialists that treat and help prevent injuries.

As a specialist in injury prevention strategies, our physical therapists examine how a patient moves in order to detect strength and mobility deficits. Our physical therapists advise patients on a maintenance program to reduce their risk of injury and return to sport safely.

World-renowned leading organizations recommend strengthening muscles. It lower rates of sports-related injury, increases bone strength, and improves self-esteem. Our physical therapists are uniquely trained to customized a strengthening program based on your history, current lifestyle, and future goals. We work together to make sure your program is suitable for YOU!

You don't need a specific sport or fitness level to participate in injury prevention.

If you want to make sure you don't twist your ankle walking your dog, we can help! Strengthening is for everyone, no matter your activity. Our caring and empathetic physical therapists will listen to your health history and activity goals. This will inform a personalized an exercise program just for you. For some people that means lifting weights, for others it means using body weight to strengthening. You and your needs come first when creating your exercise program.

Do you work from home? Are you worried about your posture in 20 years?

This is also injury prevention and we can help! Our trained physical therapists will listen to your concerns about the future, watch you move, and test your strength in the area of concern. They will design an exercise program that will address your specific concerns. Additionally, we can discuss what should you be concerned about as you age and strategies to improve. Don't waste another minute worrying about your body in the future. Meet with one of our caring physical therapists who can educate, reassure, and get you moving today!


At Agile Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine your goals are our goals. Collaborate with one of high skilled physical therapists today!  Learn why Agile is the best in the business.
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