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Sports Injuries

What is Sports Injuries?

Professional athlete? Weekend warrior? Adult soccer league?

However you “sport” we got your back when someone illegally slide tackles into your leg. Our
skilled therapists love treating athletes because THEY are athletes. They know the
technicalities of your sport to help strengthen the right muscles, to get you back stronger and
faster than before. Whatever your injury, physical therapy can help!

How Can Physical Therapy Help With Your Sports Injury?

In our assessment, our athletic clinicians will ask you questions about your symptoms, your
goals, and what’s important to you. We’ll review any materials sent by your doctor (MD notes,
X-rays, MRIs etc.,) and incorporate them into your care. In addition, they will look at how you
move, your strength / power , your range of motion , and numerous other factors to formulate a shared plan of care. Make an appointment with our trained physical therapists today!

How Do These Sports Injuries Occur?

Sports injuries range from getting hit hard, overuse, contact, non-contact , wearing the wrong
, or a sudden collision. Sports injuries classify as an injury sustained while doing
something athletic (could be lifting weights or a HIIT class). Shin splints or shin pain, strained or
“pulled” muscles, knee pain, or joint sprain are commonly sustained during sport. Our
physical therapists are highly trained to differentiate diagnosis and integrate their sport
knowledge into your treatment plan.

Don’t give up your weekend HIIT session and let us help! Google gives generic
exercises, but our therapists give you an individualized exercise program . It will keep
you engaged and motivated because it’s tailored to your lifestyle

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Your Sports Injury?

At Agile, we take a multifactorial approach to pain management. Shared decision making and
evidence-based medicine are the pillars of our treatments. We get you active as soon as
possible within the limitations of your injury. There are exercises you can do TODAY to help
decrease your current pain. Make an appointment with an Agile physical therapist today!

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