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Cancer Physical Therapy

What is Cancer Physical Therapy?

Facing cancer is an emotionally and physically challenging journey. Agile Physical Therapy is here to support you through this difficult time with our specialized cancer physical therapy services.  Our empathetic and trained physical therapists understand the unique challenges posed by cancer treatments, offering personalized and evidence-based care to help you regain strength, manage symptoms, and enhance your overall well-being.

How Can Cancer Physical Therapy Help With Your Symptoms?

Agile Physical Therapy recognizes the importance of maintaining physical activity during cancer treatment to reduce fatigue and preserve function, as recommended by the American Cancer Society. Our physical therapists, being movement experts with a medical background, are well-suited to assist in this regard. We collaborate with your healthcare team to create a tailored treatment plan, focusing on:

  • Decreasing pain and fatigue
  • Building strength, endurance , and power
  • Managing swelling and side effects
  • Regaining your range of motion
  • Promoting circulation and blood flow
  • Engaging in daily activities

Physical therapy treatment consists of soft tissue massage , joint mobilizations, myofascial
release, strengthening exercises, and stretching/relaxation exercises to help reduce scar
tissue limitations and restore normal range of motion. Research has shown that doing exercise
before your cancer surgery can positively impact your function and physical capacity

Expectations at Your Physical Therapy Appointment

Our physical therapists prioritize understanding you as an individual. They inquire about your medical history, previous injuries, and details of your cancer treatments. A thorough physical assessment follows, observing your movement and gently testing strength and mobility. Our expert therapists ensure that exercises are tailored to your comfort level.

They discuss findings with you, creating a customized home exercise program and offering additional elements like manual therapy, education, advice, and activity modification.

Cancer Physical Therapy for Symptom Management

Cancer-related fatigue is a common challenge, affecting 80-100% of people with cancer. Agile's empathetic physical therapists navigate the complexities of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, helping you combat fatigue and regain strength through a slow and steady approach. Individualized exercise programs are designed to decrease pain and fatigue, build strength, manage swelling, regain range of motion, promote circulation, and facilitate engagement in daily activities.

Are Physical Therapists Qualified to Treat Those With Cancer?

In our assessment, your specialized physical therapist will ask you questions about your
symptoms and goals. In addition, they will look at how you move, your strength, your range of
motion, and numerous other factors to formulate a shared plan of care. Our specialized physical therapists hold a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, ensuring a deep understanding of how surgery and cancer treatment impact the body. justifying their substantial medical knowledge . Additionally, they will work with your doctor to make sure they understand everything about your particular case (reports, MRIs,
X-rays etc.).

Our physical Therapists understand the limitations of surgery and cancer so you can
be pushed in the appropriate way to quicken your recovery and return to life. While you
might be pushed, our caring physical therapists will not allow you to do any exercise that may slow
your recovery or cause more fatigue. Cancer physical therapy is individualized to your particular case.

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Your Cancer Symptoms?

At Agile, we take a multifactorial approach to cancer management. Shared decision making and
evidence-based medicine are the pillars of our treatments. We try to get you active as soon as
possible within the limitations of your cancer and treatment. Get back to what you love doing
faster. Make an appointment with our caring and trained physical therapists today

Where you can get Cancer Physical Therapy ?

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