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Agile Gives Back Through the #AgileWellnessPact

Agile Gives Back Through the #AgileWellnessPact

As the state of California experiences an extended stay-at-home order, the team at Agile Physical Therapy felt compelled to find new ways to inspire their community. Physical activity, diet and mindfulness are all essential aspects of a healthy, well-rounded life. Through launching the #AgileWellnessPact initiative, Agile PT has sparked positive change in their community. 

The way the #AgileWellnessPact works is simple: for every person who commits to three healthy lifestyle options for the month of May, Agile will donate $1 up to $2,500 to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Only halfway through the month, over 350 individuals have already signed the pact! With this initiative going on through the entire month of May, there is still plenty of time for Agile to reach its goal of 2,500 signatures! 

Agile encourages those who have signed the pact to track their wellness journey on social media using the hashtag #AgileWellnessPact and tagging @Agile_pt. People have taken to the social media movement, posting to their Instagram profiles and stories, sharing their commitment and their progress. Instagram user @kender.nickel posted herself getting her steps in while @yeralis123 showed off her plate of vegetables. 

Agile Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping others achieve the healthy lifestyle they deserve. They saw how the people’s mental health in their community faltered in the face of the global pandemic and chose to make a positive impact. 

Through encouraging healthy habits, Agile has helped these individuals by giving them a sense of community and reminding them that we are all in this together. 

You can join the #AgileWellnessPact initiative by clicking here. 

Share the #AgileWellnessPact with your friends, family and community members to help Agile Physical Therapy reach 2,500 people so they can donate $2,500 to Second Harvest Food Bank!

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