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Agile Prioritizes Your Safety

Agile Prioritizes Your Safety

At Agile Physical Therapy, the health of our community is of the utmost importance. We are exercising the necessary precautions and following CDC guidelines to keep our clinics safe for you and our staff, minimizing the spread of COVID-19. 

Our clinic remains open during normal business hours and online through our telehealth service to deliver safe and effective treatment options.

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 continues to spread at a slower pace, but we are still doing all that we can to keep our patients and staff healthy. COVID-19 spreads from person-to-person and by touching a surface that contains the virus. To protect yourself from getting sick, the CDC recommends maintaining social distancing, washing your hands regularly, wearing a face covering and routinely cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. If you suspect you have COVID-19 or if you’ve come into contact with someone who has the virus, you should track your symptoms and speak with your physician. If you believe you are sick, you should schedule an official COVID-19 test through your physician or local testing site. 

Stay-At-Home Order

In California, there is still an active safer-at-home order. People should not leave their homes unless necessary for an essential service or essential job. However, as of May 8, some retail stores are open in certain counties. Always check the regularly-updated rules in your specific region. Regardless of the laws in your county or city, staying at home unless necessary will help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Stay Active With Agile

Even as you stay at home, it is important to stay physically active. Agile Physical Therapy is offering FREE virtual classes that you can follow along with at home. This initiative is intended to keep our patients and communities healthy as they practice safer-at-home procedures.

Steps we are taking to ensure your safety:


All treatment tables and exercise equipment are separated by more than 6 feet.


We are limiting the number of people in our clinics at any given time to help maintain social distancing.


Break rooms, bathrooms, treatment tables, equipment, and all common areas are being disinfected hourly. We use disinfectants approved by the CDC that are effective against COVID-19. Our clinic is also cleaned daily by a professional service.


Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19 is available to all employees and patients throughout the clinic. All employees wash their hands between patients in addition to washing or sanitizing their hands before and after contact with any patient.


Therapists and patients are asked to wear masks at all times while in the clinic. All staff members will be provided personal protective equipment, and we will distribute masks, free of charge, to any patients who may not have one available.


Patients are asked to wait in their car if they arrive more than 5 minutes early to avoid congregating in the waiting area. We have also implemented virtual paperwork and ask that you do all your scheduling over the phone to limit contact.


We are implementing extra screening precautions for staff and patients, including taking temperatures with contactless thermometers upon entry to the clinic.


We are proud to leverage Molekule's air purification devices, which are proven to destroy the widest range of pollutants compared to traditional air purifiers. This includes the destruction of airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs and allergens. All treatment areas, staff offices, and private treatment rooms are equipped with a Molekule air purifier.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, there is nothing more important to us than your health and safety. Our team has worked tirelessly to prepare our clinics with the appropriate safety measures to keep you safe. We are committed to using our skills and resources to help keep you healthy.

Virtual Appointments


For patients who do not feel safe entering our clinic, we offer one-on-one virtual physical therapy sessions with one of our licensed Physical Therapists. Telehealth Physical Therapy is an effective way to continue treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, or anytime you are unable to visit a clinic. Check out our Telehealth page for more information and to request an appointment today!

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