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The curriculum is based on the Women’s Health Description of Specialty Practice by the American Physical Therapy Association with the ultimate goal of preparing for women’s health specialization and lymphedema certification.

Program Overview

The curriculum of this residency program is designed to provide physical therapists with advanced training and knowledge in clinical reasoning, examination, treatment and management of pregnancy and postpartum, bowel and bladder conditions, pelvic pain, lymphedema, cancer care etc. The residency program utilizes a broad-based, eclectic curriculum that aims to provide graduates with the ability to apply advanced manual therapy techniques combined with advanced skills in therapeutic exercises, modalities, therapeutic activities, and neuromuscular reeducation to address the specific needs of the pelvic health patient population.

ABPTRFE Accredited Program

Methods of instruction

The program utilizes several methods of instruction. The resident will undergo didactic and clinical lab instruction by program faculty and mentors throughout the course of the residency. The resident will receive further didactic study though independent study courses via an online platform. In addition to the various forms of didactic and laboratory education, the resident will also receive direct supervision during patient care hours, have the unique opportunity to observe their mentor treat, and have ongoing interactions with clinical faculty and mentors.


400+ Hours of Instruction

  • Norton School of Lymphedema Complete Decongestive Therapy Course
  • 3 Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Seminar Series
  • Clinical lab and didactic practice
  • Other instructional hours, teaching, journal club, projects, assignments, presentations

400+ Hours of Clinical Mentoring

  • 156 hours of 1:1 mentorships
  • 312 hours of mentoring (clinical reasoning / problem solving with focus on patient care)

1,600 Hours of clinical practice hours with diverse diagnoses

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications can be submitted via RF-PTCAS due February 15th
    • Interviews with be conducted Feb/March
    • Offer Letters will be sent in April
  • Must be licensed and able to practice in the state of California

Residency Facts

  • Program begins in September each year
  • Residents receive a full benefits package and are paid $99,840 annually for 40 hours of patient care per week
  • 1:1 patient care with 60 minute evaluations and 45 minute follow up visits
  • No tuition fees
  • Women's Health Residency Financial Fact Sheet 2023-2024


  • The Agile Physical Therapy Women’s Health Residency Program has maintained ABPTRFE continued accreditation = 100%, since inception 2015

  • The program meets the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties WCS application criteria; submit one case study demonstrating specialty practice in women's health by deadline date in order to be accepted to sit for WCS examination= 100%

  • Board certification exam passing rate = 100%, on first attempt

  • The Agile Physical Therapy Women’s Health Residency Program has a 92% graduation rate, since inception 2015

Program Director
Amy Slater

Amy Renaud PT, DPT, WCS, CLT


    • DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy
    • WCS – Women's Health Certified Specialist
    • CLT – Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Clinical Sites

Sunnyvale Location (Sutter)

Palo Alto Location (Sutter)

San Carlos Location (Sutter)

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