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Running Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis

Running gait analysis is an assessment of the mechanics of how you run. Using video analysis, your physical therapist looks at the components of  your movement. This includes what part of your foot hits the ground, where that is relative to your body, and how your body parts stack up as you move over the ground.

Whether you're a recreational or competitive runner, a form assessment will help you!

A  comprehensive gait analysis does not just include watching you run. Your physical therapist will also assess your strength, mobility, running history, current training load, and injury history. This can help you identify areas of your body that could use improvement to make you more resilient from future injury. This is achieved by improving your tendon's capacity to handle strain or bone's ability to handle load. It can also allow for more efficient running


Gait Analysis RunningHow does running gait analysis work?

The demands of running include high peak forces, large amounts of energy storage and release, as well as high cumulative loads. Agile's highly trained physical therapists will use video to capture your running. They will  assess your current capabilities and design an individualized program to improve your body's capacity to handle the demands of running. This would include exercises to target strength, motor control, and mobility. It may also include cues to modify cadence or body position. 


Why choose RunAgile?

RunAgile is our newest gait analysis program. Each of our RunAgile  evaluations is 2 hrs long. During this time you are 1 on 1 with an expert physical therapist. This gives us time to get to know your unique running history and evaluate your running form. RunAgile utilizes state of the art technology including VALD strength assessment devices to get objective numbers for your strength, as well as perform mobility testing. Before you leave your session, your physical therapist will provide you with the key exercises, form cues, or advice on your training plan to optimize your running. Get started on your summer training by scheduling an assessment today!


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