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What is Cupping?

Myofascial Decompression (MFD), or cupping, is a technique to assess and treat myofascial restrictions, muscular imbalances, and other soft tissue issues. Our highly skilled physical therapists are trained in cupping as a treatment modality in the larger context of your injury, physical exam, and home exercise program. If your doctor wrote a note specifically for this technique, make sure to bring it on your first visit.

How does cupping work?

Cupping uses negative pressure tools applied to the target area to address areas of concern by utilizing a decompressive effect. This effect improves fascial gliding, mobility, circulation, and decreases muscle tension. Cupping with movement can further address movement impairments and improve mobility. Agile physical therapists have specialty training in this technique to specifically treat your needs within a larger movement exam.

How is cupping used in physical therapy?

Agile Physical Therapy offers cupping as a treatment option for appropriate patients. Firstly, your physical therapist will ask you questions about your symptoms, activities, and medical history to understand how your concerns affect your life. Secondly, they perform an extensive physical exam. In this exam, they assess your movement, test your strength and mobility, and assess your coordination and stability. This informs the root cause of your issue and the best path forward. Lastly, they discuss your goals with you and how your customized treatment plan will get you there. This customized treatment plan may include the following: cupping, an individualized exercise program, manual therapy, education, and activity modification.

We want you to leave Agile feeling confident, strong, and informed about your condition and how Agile can help!


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