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Virtual / Telehealth Physical Therapy

What is Virtual / Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth physical therapy is Physical Therapy delivered through a virtual HIPAA- compliant platform (Zoom). All of our PTs have additional training in handling the nuances of treating remotely, including a certification program in Telehealth Evaluation, Assessment, and Treatment. Telehealth care is a convenient, easy, and effective option for having your injury or pain address quickly. Many research studies have shown that telehealth physical therapy is as, and in some cases more, effective than in-person care.

Your therapist can do a complete evaluation and assessment of your painful or injured areas by having you show them movements and special tests through your camera on your smartphone, tablet, or computer in the comfort and convenience of your own home! We might ask you to grab a canned good or other household items to help demonstrate strength or other functional activities giving you trouble. We will work with you to develop a personal exercise program for your specific needs and goals. In the session, we’ll go through your exercises with you virtually and send them to you via email so you can do them using equipment or items in your home. We also use an app you can download with videos of your individualized exercise program. 

Not sure if your injury is right for virtual PT?

If the therapist determines you’re a better fit for in-person care, we will not charge you for the telehealth visit and you can visit one of our PTs in-person at one of Agile’s convenient locations around the bay area. Telehealth can generally be used for many issues including (sports and pelvic floor!) unless there are specific instructions from a doctor for manual therapy, your PT notes a safety issue in the evaluation that requires in-person attention, or there is a patient preference for in-person care.

If time, driving, or convenience is a reason you are not getting care for an injury holding you back, telehealth is a great option for you! 

Where you can get Virtual / Telehealth Physical Therapy ?

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Who does Virtual / Telehealth Physical Therapy at Agile?

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