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Running Gait Analysis

What is Running Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis is an assessment of many factors that can impact an individual’s running performance.

Agile physical therapists are uniquely trained to assess the mechanics of your running gait. Gait is another word for your pattern of running or walking. Your physical therapist will identify muscle weakness and mobility deficits that contribute to inefficient running. Furthermore, they will listen to your history, current lifestyle, and future goals to design a unique exercise program to bolster your running.

Whether you're recreational or competitive runner, a form assessment will help you!

You don't need to be a marathon runner to get a running gait analysis, just a desire to be better! Running mechanics is multifactorial and leans on several different elements for performance. These factors include strength, motor control, pain perception, sensory impairments, and range of motion. Our well-trained physical therapists examine these all of these elements to identify areas of improvement. Afterwards, they will customize an exercise program for you that usually involves specific strengthening, mobility, and education.

How does running gait analysis work?

Physical therapists observe running gait mechanics using smartphones to analyze joint angles. Your physical therapist will use these mechanics and angles to determine which factors contribute to your pain or increase injury risk. For example, your therapist may see a hip drop on one side or lots of vertical motion that indicates certain hip weaknesses. Not only can we give you a personalized strengthening program, but also give you cues to help your running efficiency such as “lean forward” or “shorten your stride.” In conclusion, using your exercise program, education, and running modifications you'll achieve efficient running to enhance performance and enjoyment of running.


At Agile Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine our caring and empathetic physical therapists want to collaborate with you to achieve your goals. Learn why Agile is the best in the business.
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