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TMJ (Temporomandibular ) Pain

What is TMJ (Temporomandibular ) Pain?

Do you have any painful clicking or popping in your jaw? Any pain or difficulty with yawning or chewing?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw bone with your skull with tendons,
ligaments, and muscles. Dysfunction of this joint causes pain and difficulty with movement such
as opening your mouth , yawning, talking or chewing . Other symptom of TMJ pain include headache , jaw
muscles, jaw locking, pain in the temple, and earaches.

How Does TMJ Pain Occur?

TMJ pain can occur for a variety of reasons including but not limited to posture , stress,
neck or upper back dysfunction , and teeth issues such as grinding, clenching , or
malalignment. Physical therapy can help treat jaw pain by strengthening and stretching muscles
that cause inappropriate strain. Home remedies like over-the-counter pain relievers, such as
Ibuprofen or Aspirin may also be effective. Acupuncture, seeing a dentist, or otolaryngologist are
suggested in some cases, but physical therapy is an effective and conservative approach to
your pain. Make an appointment with our trained physical therapists today!

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Your TMJ Pain?

Our physical therapists are highly trained in treating TMJ issues and will provide a
comprehensive evaluation to your whole upper body to see what is contributing to your
symptoms. They will also rule out other serious conditions like swollen lymph nodes, and
trigeminal neuralgia, salivary gland disease.

What Makes Agile Different In Treating Your TMJ Pain?

Instead of aimlessly searching online with your symptoms, see one of our caring physical
therapists who can listen to what is important to you . They will ask you questions about your
pain, lifestyle, and activities to help differentiate diagnoses –something not easily done
online. We’ll review any materials sent by your doctor (MD notes, X-rays, MRIs etc.,) and
incorporate them into your care. In addition, they will look at how your jaw mobility and
strength , and numerous other factors to formulate a shared plan of care. Treatment plans often consist of soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization , education, jaw / neck exercises, electrical stimulation, and myofascial techniques. Make an appointment with our trained physical therapists today!


At Agile, we take a multifactorial approach to pain management. Shared decision
making and evidence-based medicine are the pillars of our treatments. We try to get
you active as soon as possible within the limitations of your injury. There are
evidence-based exercises you can do TODAY to help decrease your current jaw pain
and reduce your risk of future injury

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